1965 Fendi started working with Carle Lagrange

1965 Fendi started working with Carle Lagrange, when Carle lagfield was not very well known. He was born in Hamburg, Germany, a wealthy businessman, a very elegant, well dressed woman who was said to have to change 3# style clothes in a day, until 7 years old, still unwilling to fall behind, insist on wearing the most fashionable clothes. Carle Lagrange has always visited various high-end boutiques with his mother since his childhood. He yearned for Paris most often and studied French regularly. 1 points, Carle family moved to Paris, he completed his studies in Paris. At that time, Carle was the champion of the coat design team of the international wool bureau design competition.

The youngest designer in the competition has received the attention of the fashion industry. 195#, Carle Lagrange became the design assistant of Paris fashion master Balmain. But Carle was proud of himself, and later he went to several companies. He never settled down. Fendi, who took over the family business soon, met Carle in Paris, appreciating his design talent and inviting him to join the Fendi. It can be said that Lagerfeld began to enter the top fashion circle from Fendi.

Lagfield has brought great changes to Fendi. He is very bold and creative. 196, Fendi first introduced a finished leather garment show in Pitty palace in Florence, Italy, which ingeniously mixed leather and fur. The original clumsy fur coat was unearthed with a light and practical side. Lagerfeld also made a difference in the vibrant colors of the mole, the rabbit and the squirrel, the creative touch skin and the leather and all kinds of fabric, designed the clothes that can be worn on two sides and the coat with the edge of the fur, and he would be in the name of the mink in the cowboy’s coat. Since then, Fendi fur products have secured the throne of fashionable luxurious fur.

Like many Italian company for the production of luxury goods

Like many Italian company for the production of luxury goods, Fendi is also a family business. There are no boys in their families. After the death of father Yuan Edward, the daughters can only take over the family business, which is also a rare company in Italy which is not managed by men. 1946^, the Fendi’s eldest daughter, only 1 of the year’s Pinola formally picked up the beam, and when the other four daughters, Anna, franca, Cara and alka, began to grow up, they began to enter the family business as they woke up. The girls are smart and capable and have their own expertise. They are working together to build a Fendi brand, hoping that one day, Fendi can stand up to the top of the world’s fashion.

In this group of “maiden army”, Pinola is in charge of fur department, franca is responsible for customer service, Anna is in charge of skin parts department, Cara is in charge of business coordination, and alka is in charge of sales department. They bring energy and vitality to the leather and fur products of the company. The strong will of the mother and the creativity of the personality have played an important role in their work, and also show the great potential of the Fendi family warship. Hand in hand, the products produced by the company are becoming more and more popular and become the new favorite of Italy fashion industry. Therefore, although it was at the end of the Second World War, as a defeated country in Italy, the economic and people’s livelihood was in a dilemma and a hundred industries withered, but Fendi had a great opportunity for development at this time.