Cartier Cheetah series introduction. The wild cheetah, for Cartier

Cartier Cheetah series introduction. The wild cheetah, for Cartier, is not only a brand symbol, but also a classic that transcends time; or subtle, or rushing, elegant and noble, revealing a fatal temptation… decorated with emeralds, leopard eyes, decorated with onyx The leopard nose, set with diamonds and leopard prints, let the creative freedom and gallop, make the cheetah series jewelry leave a deep and eternal imprint in the history of jewelry. Cheetah is one of Cartier’s brand symbols. In 1914, it first appeared in the world of jewelry, while Louis Cartier was a pioneer in giving this brand a symbol. After that, Louis’s partner, Jeanne Toussaint, will Cheetah creativity is in full swing: bracelets, brooches, earrings, long necklaces, watches, all have cheetah’s strong body shape. The new series is in the form of colorful cheetahs, showing the beauty of the wild and the charm of animals. In 1914, this was the broken egg year of the cheetah pattern. In this year, Cartier used the cheetah pattern as the theme for the first time on a watch. The black and white interlaced way was the first brand in the jewelry industry to eat crabs. Oh! Not only that, but in that year, Cartier also invited the famous illustrator George Babier to design a ‘Lady and Cheetah’ invitation card, and then the invitation card became Cartier’s advertising poster. Just like every successful man has a woman behind him. Cartier’s success is also inseparable from the women who love jewelry.

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