then do you want to know about the niche and cheap jewelry

Can’t afford her design Hermès, then do you want to know about the niche and cheap jewelry that she designed? “I want to give women more items that reflect their own desires for power,” rather than simply decorating them. “——Annelise Michelson Replica Cartier Jewelry Wholesale. Born and raised in Paris, graduated from Haute Couture, Michelson started working on fashion design and worked for companies such as Vanessa Bruno, Paul \u0026 Joe and Hermès. After that, Annelise Michelson continued to jewellery at Fontaine Square Buy Cheap Cartier love bracelet. Craftsmen asked for knowledge and skills about jewellery. Until 2012, Annelise Michelson’s jewellery brand of the same name was born! Relatively popular prices, fashionable styles, are tailor-made for fashionable girls. ‘My jewelry is bold, Plastic, and ‘dangerous’, I want to subvert the idea that jewelry is a supporting role. What’s even more amazing is that as a big-name designer, Annelise Michelson’s design style does not need to cater to the market. She is not a commercial route, but rather a more abstract art style. Most of them are gold and silver collisions, simple and clean lines. The sense of a large area of ​​metallic color has given her design a bit of abstinence and high cold color. These unique designs make the collision rate very small, so they are very popular with young and fashionable girls. Although it is from the bag Designed to turn to jewelry design, Annelise Michelson has done a good job in this field, probably because the design talent determines that the products she creates can always lead the fashion trend. So it is sought after by many stars and fashion darlings.

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