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Many people will ask such questions when they buy them. So what is the price of a wedding ring? The price of the wedding ring is more appropriate, the following is a small series for everyone to carefully analyze. How much is the price of the wedding ring? How much is the wedding ring? First, the appropriate price of the wedding ring 1. The price of the wedding diamond ring is the sum of the salary of 2-3 months for men, that is, it can show sincerity and can transfer funds back in a short period of time, which will not bring economic pressure to the married life of the two. Price range reference: 20 points diamond ring price between 4 thousand and 9 thousand; 50 points diamond ring price between 10,000 and 30,000; more than one carat diamond ring has better collection value, but the price will be as high as 60,000 or more . 2, the same quality of the diamond ring, choose a brand with a good meaning, can add value to the diamond ring itself. Large brands that are familiar to people because of the high added value of the brand, the price will definitely be higher than other brands. The most important thing about the wedding diamond ring is its meaning, not its form. Like the wedding ring of D a r r y R I n g, each man can only customize one piece of his ID card and give it to his favorite person, meaning “the only true love in life”. Turn your commitment into action to prove that you are unique in his life. 3. How much is the wedding diamond ring suitable? Not only depends on the size, but also on its cut, color, clarity and so on. In China, ordinary people generally look at the weight of a diamond to measure its value. It is actually not scientific. Because China is more popular with small diamonds. Therefore, the more popular concept is high quality brilliance diamonds. High-quality brilliance diamonds generally grasp the three principles of 4C: Clarity, Colour, Cut, and the three standards must meet certain standards at the same time. 4. The price of the diamond ring itself consists of two parts: “Diamond + Setting”. How to choose? The main setting materials are now 18k gold and platinum. Platinum is more rare and pure, with a softer texture. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose platinum. The difference between the two is 100 to 200 yuan per unit. If you mainly want to highlight the diamond, you can save some of the setting budget and choose 18k gold. It is hard and guarantees the safety of the diamond. 5, the diamond is not the bigger the better, another reason is that girls are smaller, more slender, too large diamonds will be very awkward. Therefore, if you buy a wedding diamond ring, you must try it more, choose the most suitable diamond ring reasonably, and highlight its exquisiteness and beauty through good style and good workmanship. How much is the price of the wedding ring? How much is the wedding ring? Second, how much is the engagement ring? Of course it depends on your financial situation. But regardless of economic conditions, budgeting before buying and determining a rough range will make it easier to choose at the time of purchase. According to your own budget, to determine a rough outline, how big a diamond ring, what brand, what material and so on. The average working class will choose a 30-point 18K gold diamond ring as the engagement ring, which is the price that ordinary consumers can afford. If the conditions are limited, the engagement ring can lower the standard, buy a cheaper one, the wedding ring can buy a bigger one, and the most important thing is that the two are happy. Regarding the purchase, some women think that they can only be purchased by the man, and the man thinks that it is more appropriate to buy by both parties. In the end, who is going to buy it? Who is the wedding ring money? Let’s talk about the processing method. Who will buy the wedding ring? Who will get the wedding ring? Who will buy the wedding ring? 1. Compared with many newcomers, they are troubled by this problem. In our concept, wedding rings are generally purchased by the men and then worn on each other at the wedding, but in today’s society, the wedding rings are sent to each other. There are also one party who purchases separately, and even two people use common property to buy. 2, in fact, who buys the marriage is mainly determined by the new person’s own will, of course, some areas also have the custom of wedding rings, but most people in China believe that marriage should be bought by the man, this idea has been ingrained in everyone’s mind . 3, the best way to buy a wedding ring is to send each other, this way also means the love and commitment to the other party, the two will also cherish the wedding ring. Who will buy the wedding ring? Who will get the wedding ring? Who buys the wedding ring, the woman or the man Internet users: If the man and the woman do not receive the dowry for each other, then who should pay for the wedding ring purchase? Is the man or the woman, or each? Although it is a family after marriage, the money used is not money, but now our direct economy is still separate, and the money is also the parents’ money Replica Cartier Jewelry Wholesale. I think this is still clear. The marriage around my friends is a wedding ring bought by the man, but the man’s family always said that the ring is prepared by the woman, or paid for each. But are there any purchases to pay for each other? What’s more, I haven’t received a ring from my boyfriend yet. Can he buy one for me? User suggestions: 1. I bought her ring, she bought her ring, or bought each one separately. 2. If you buy gold money, you will buy it. If you haven’t bought it, he will buy it. 3, the man bought it. 4, the receipt is also good or not, your ring is bought by the man, and you have to buy it for your husband. 5, people’s big diamond ring, not all husbands bought? The ring that men bring is not big, a few thousand dollars, who can buy it. 6, my ring is bought by my family’s two goods, tens of thousands, and then I bought the ring for him. He said that one or two hundred online purchases have been bought, and they are not used to wearing them anyway. 7 Buy Cheap Cartier love bracelet, we are not mutually unmarried gold dowry, the ring husband bought, but we all think that the meaning of the thing, buy too expensive diamond ring is not necessary, say that her husband can not wear a ring, I bought a platinum diamond ring, He bought a platinum one himself. Who will buy the wedding ring? Who will get the wedding ring? How much is appropriate for marriage? 1. The price of the marriage ring is mainly determined by the economic conditions. Before buying, it is best to first determine the price budget for the wedding ring, and then decide what brand, size and material to buy according to the price budget. There are a lot of psychological reasons. 2, in the case of limited economic conditions, want to buy a preferential and decent wedding ring, it is recommended to choose a cost-effective jewelry brand to buy. 3, now the general newcomers choose the wedding ring of about 6000 yuan, the price of the ring material and style is better, the price is easy to accept. In fact, the wedding ring who pays for the answer is not necessarily, the man can buy, the woman can also buy, mainly depends on the wishes of both parties.

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