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I can’t remember where I heard this sentence: ‘It seems to be born to love jewelry Replica Cartier Jewelry Wholesale, to decorate yourself with a variety of colorful and colorful jewelry, a platinum-encrusted ring, a Lantian jade bracelet, or a pure gold necklace. It can make a woman shine in an instant. He never doubts the correctness of this sentence, but on that day he found that women do not have such jewelry, it seems to be radiant, or more than the women wearing jewelry. She and he are alumni, and after graduation, they are assigned to a construction company. He was soaking on the construction site all day, not hard to say, but the salary was very low, but she, he did not do anything else, because others were real, good to read, and also wrote a beautiful text. On the day of the engagement, according to local customs, he was going to send her a diamond ring. After lunch, he took her to the city to buy jewelry. When I got off the bus, she said, it’s hot, let’s go to the Xinhua Bookstore for a while. He smiled and said, forget it, buy jewelry is important. But she insisted on going, he couldn’t marry her, and had to go in with her. In fact, he usually likes to go to the bookstore very much, but this time, he really does not want to go, do not dare to go, because he has gone to the jewelry store to see it several times. He is also very clear that the money in his pocket bought a diamond ring, and there is only a fee. Into the bookstore, she does not seem to be bleak or reading, but looking for a book. After a while, she said excitedly to him, you see, this book is good, this book is also good. He smiled and said, this is a set, Yu Qiuyu, this is also a set, Murakami Haruki, are series of books, are also very good. After saying this, he is, because his voice just fell, he listened to her, then buy it. He said slyly, very expensive, hundreds of them, enough for me to live a month.

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She didn’t listen, said, just buy it! Carrying two heavy books, he followed her and thought about it, and she took the little song and stepped into the jewelry store in three steps and two steps. After watching it for a long time, she said, how are these rings so bright? Too conspicuous, who is so embarrassed to wear, He said that the diamond ring, of course, is bright, you must wear it very beautiful! She didn’t take it for granted, saying, actually, I don’t feel anything about jewelry. Otherwise, say it later? How is that going? This is a custom and cannot be broken Buy Cheap Cartier love bracelet. She said that I just didn’t buy it, I like books. Customs are dead, people are alive! Hesitated for a long time, and eventually he couldn’t beat her, he didn’t buy it. He wants to ask her, people say that women like jewellery by nature, why don’t you like it? But he didn’t ask at all. He wasn’t confused. He knew what she thought. She wanted to buy him two sets of books that he always wanted to buy and didn’t want to buy. So, he secretly vowed to buy her the most unique diamond ring in the future. A few years later, he became a well-known writer and a businessman. That day, he told her that he would honor his promise. He took out the Levi’s diamond ring that he personally developed for her real name, and wore it on her ring finger. Then he kneels on the ground and said, ‘I want to propose to you. I have no conditions at the beginning and owe you too much. Now I want to use this ring that represents the life and never give up, to prove my unique love for you. Will you marry me?’ She did not speak, she silently took the Levis ring from her fingers and deeply hid in the bottom of the box. She said that this is the testimony of their love, she must treasure it for a lifetime. Then his eyes were wet. He suddenly found out that she did not wear jewelry and it was so radiant!