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The acquaintance with Yuan Yuan was also through the blog. The words are close to each other, and when I really meet, the feeling of closeness is more natural. On the sixth anniversary of the celebration, we gathered in Tianmu Mountain. The five golden flowers of Qinhuangdao also held a small gathering in their local area, which was a response to our circle at home. The circle on the photo is dignified and generous, and the dress is also beautiful. When the seventh anniversary of the celebration of our true meeting, her eyes, it seems like an old acquaintance. Time mentioned two years ago, in the blog, I noticed that Yuanyuan had more interaction with Du Ge. So when I met, I deliberately dismantled the two of them. When I first got the edge, I carefully handed the camera to the hand of the edge. Then, I hugged my brother and asked for a photo. After the photo was taken, I didn’t pick up the camera. It also mischievously took the opportunity to let her embrace the big brother. When I wrote it, I ran off the subject, because at this time, I remembered the big brother of the sunset Replica Cartier Jewelry Wholesale. When they celebrated the 7th anniversary, they took the same bus and finally entered Wanxian Mountain. The party in the circle is like this, writing a person, but it is inextricably linked with the people around. When you meet each other, if you don’t want to hug, it’s best to hold things in your hand. If your hands are empty, wait for them to be hugged. Even the strange circle friends who meet for the first time will be very generous. Extend your arms and give each other a big hug. There are four days before and after the 7th anniversary of the celebration time. In these four days, I always like to pass the edge. For example, changing rooms is the exchange between us. Therefore, she has fulfilled me and Liqiao and koala get along, and I gave up the opportunity to get along with the willow and the reed leaves. It was cheaper and fairer and I had a good relationship with my sister Yangliu. To this end, Yang Liu’s sister also wrote a special article for them. Something passed by, when I was at the door of the room, I was playing the curtain. When the edge of the circle passed, I would stop and kiss me. At that time, I would not look at her. Pearl necklace, what she read from my eyes, said that you either, while you want to solve, I will hold it, saying that this pearl is right with your clothes, just like this. Seeing that I insisted, she also let go. However, this matter, in our hearts, at the same time printed a brand. In a hurry, the circle is over, and we have started a new round of thoughts on the Internet. In the note, you explained that the original necklace was given to me. As a result, I wore a red dress that day, and the dress just had a necklace, so I put it on. I understand that. However, without adding a sentence, we can exchange it! You then agreed, saying that this will be done in the coming year. One year, fleeting, we are safe. In addition to occasionally stringing together the door Buy Cheap Cartier love bracelet, I also lived a dull day, that is, when I think of you, I can always think of our promise. When we waited for the eighth anniversary of the celebration, we once again let the time pass by. When the new round of thoughts began to sound like a clock, we repeated this promise in the blog of each other. I showed my necklace is the brand of SWAROVSKI crystal, you said yes, you have to change. I added one, know why not change? It is not lazy, it is hoped that there will be new expectations, so look forward to the constant commitment, year after year. When I wrote the note like this, I believe that you are reading, and there are tears in your eyes. Later, add another sentence, you must change it next year, then change it back in the next year, and then change it back in the next year, so that is also the age of years. We have this commitment. That belongs to you and me. In special occasions, the special tone of the birth adds a special feeling, which gives special meaning, accumulates a heavy force, and precipitates the deep affection of the rock.

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